Why should you come on this experience?

  • Our retreats are like no other… they have been designed by us to be completely unique.
  • We offer a very personalized experience from when you register through until the end of the retreat.
  • We offer both women’s only retreats and couple’s retreats where we truly allow ourselves to express and feel self-connection.
  • We are a like-minded community that encourages like-minded traveller’s
  • We are there every step of the way providing knowledge and guidance leading up to the retreat.
  • We will be with you at your athletic level.
  • You do not need to be an experienced, advanced or fast runner but we require fitness experience. If you are a complete beginner we can help you train for this trip. Some of our runs have a lot of elevation gain so some experience of running or hiking in the mountains is advised.
  • We set up a great learning environment to support you in trying something new.
  • We’ve hand picked these trails just for you!

How much running can I expect on this retreat?

As much or as little as you wish! We will offer on average a 10km running session each day, varying in elevation gains and surface. Additional to running, daily yoga and mindfulness sessions are included. Whether you’re a beginner or intermediate runner your practice will change on this retreat. We have time to delve deep into body and mindful practices, that at the end of the week you will feel amazing!

What is the food like?

Delicious! Our Chef serves farm to table freshness from the organic garden with a menu full of delicious vegan, vegetarian and pescatarian local flavours. Soul & Trail food is to die for! Everything is prepared with your health and nutritional requirements in mind. You’ll always find something nourishing or indulgent in our predominantly vegan menu.

Made with passion and fresh ingredients from our organic garden and local farms. Sip juices, smoothies and drinks listening to finely selected tunes that seamlessly merge with the pool and stunning views.

Will I have time to relax?

Absolutely. Although action filled, Soul & Trail has made it a priority to incorporate downtime into your daily itinerary. From mindfulness sessions to swimming, enjoying a meal with new friends or just appreciating the solitude, our week endeavours to improve focus, build emotional intelligence, and help you awake the soul.

Do I need to be super fit?

No! We welcome all levels of fitness and on this retreat we blend movement with nature and soul. You’ll practice running, yoga, mindfulness, and hiking mountains. We believe movement is a cornerstone of health. We move so that everything else becomes easy.

Movement increases endorphins and reduces cognitive decline. It reduces the stress hormones; cortisol and adrenaline. Exercise makes us all feel good, and is even a proven remedy for depression and anxiety. You take everything at your own pace!

What’s the best way to get to your destination country?

Flying to these days is easy! It’s affordable and you can be sure to find flights from many major cities, using major airlines. Please ensure your passport is valid for at least six months after your planned date of departure. *Flights are not included in the retreat price.

How do I get to a Soul & Trail retreat?

For your convenience, each retreat includes complimentary pickup (unless specified otherwise) from a designated pick-up point to each destination. After the retreat, we will drop you back to the designated drop-off point so that you may enjoy a few extra days in the country of choice.